The American Arena League will start announcing teams for 2021. Already confirmed are Tampa, Charlotte, Carolina Predators, Indianapolis, Music City, West Michigan and Harrisburg. In addition, the AAL is finalizing discussions with ownership groups in Mid-Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Eastern Michigan.

The AAL also has Commitment Letters from ownership groups which will constitute the new 2021 Western Division. The AAL West will have teams in Dallas, Shreveport, West Texas, Ft Worth, San Antonio and Houston.

To reduce travel, AAL West teams will play their regular season within their division.

AAL2 - The American Arena League is finalizing discussions to announce a 2021 AAL2 Conference. The local businessman from each respective city anticipate owning AAL2 teams in Tyler, TX, Shreveport, Louisiana, Bossier City, Louisiana, Houghton, Louisiana, Texarkana, AK and NW Louisiana.